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10 things you need to know about "Synthetic Opal"


Oparex® Marble opal is created by mixing silica and resin. It results in a non-directional wave pattern that looks similar to aurora and marble. The patterns and sizes of the waves are inconsistent, therefore, every piece is unique.
The color might be influenced by the level of the waves. The pictures are for reference only.

All the roughs are in regular size. The size is from around 60mm to 130mm.

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Properties comparison between synthetic opal and imitation opal
Category Polymer Impregnated Synthetic Opal Resin Colloidal Imitation Opal
80% Silica & 20% Resin 25% Silica & 75% Resin
MOHS Hardness
4 2
Specific Gravity
1.80-1.90 1.35-1.40
Heat Resistance
130 degree C. 130 degree C.
Product Features
Options for fire pattern
A cut, B cut & C cut Non-directional wave pattern
Degree of transparency
Relatively low Relatively high
Jewelry Plating
Suitable Not suitable
Chemical Resistance
Thinner, Methanol, Acetone Methanol
Glass Compatibility
Synthetic Opal is not glass compatible. Please refer to "Galaxy Opal" Oparex Opal is not glass compatible. Please refer to "Galaxy Opal"