10 things you need to know about "Synthetic Opal"


Bello Opal® Galaxy Collection (Mineral Type Created Opal) is composed by silica & very small portion of water. This opal is made to be compatible with COE 33 (borosilicate glass). It is the mainstream opal for lampworking glass art. It is as known as “Galaxy Opal”, “Created Opal” and “Gilson Opal”. It is available in 14 opal colours, such as water opal, milky opal, black opal, blue opal, pink opal and fire opal.

One of the main features of Galaxy Opal fancy bead is that while rotating; there will be various of magical brilliance and gorgeous color, with attractive opal fire reflections. It is what we call “play of color”.

Galaxy Opal fancy bead is available in different kinds of design, such as bullet shape, cone shape, teardrop shape, pill shape, cylinder shape, pyramid shape, donut shape…etc . If you have new inspiration, welcome to contact with Sanwa Sales Team.

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Properties comparison to natural opal
Category Mineral Type Created Opal Natural Opal
Silica & Water Silica & Water
MOHS Hardness
5.5 3-5.5
Specific Gravity
1.90-2.2 1.98-2.20
Heat Resistance
900 degree C. 100 degree C.
Product Features
Color Range
OP701 to OP714
Size Range
1.2mm to 50mm +
Thickness Range
0.5mm to 18mm
Options for fire pattern
A cut (dot pattern), B cut (horizontal stripe pattern), C cut (Vertical stripe pattern)
Jewelry Plating
Galaxy Opal could work well with jewelry plating
Chemical Resistance
Thinner, Methanol, Acetone
Glass Compatibility
Galaxy Opal is glass compatible
Guarantee on quality
No Cracking, Crazing or Yellowing
Galaxy Opal sheet cannot bend like plastic, it doesn't have elasticity