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10 things you need to know about "Synthetic Opal"

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1) Is all man-made opal the same quality ?

No, there are different kinds of man-made opal in market and their quality could be in big difference. Such as some product is only plastic or glass, their composition do not contain any elements similar to natural opal and do not have color change effect.

There is a new man-made opal like plastic (OLP) in market and due to its high resin composition with approx. 80%, this opal like plastic (OLP) has a serious color changing problem.

To protect customers benefits, we would like customers to check the product very carefully at purchase whether it is a opal like plastic (OLP) or not. Some dishonest companies mixing opal like plastic (OLP) with lab-grown synthetic opal for sales, and didn't disclosure the risk of yellowing problem of OLP. If opal like plastic (OLP) apply to jewelry & accessories market, there will be high risk for sales and reputation. Opal like plastic (OLP) is more suitable for market such as home ware and toys…etc. These product markets do not have high exposure to sunlight or lighting. 

For your better understanding, Sanwa provides the testing report of opal like plastic (OLP). The following pictures show how the color of opal like plastic (OLP) will be changed under the engineering condition as same as sun shining and lighting at the laboratory. Due to the high percentage of resin composition, yellowing problem of OLP is inevitable.

synthetic opal

Sanwa devotes to increase information transparency of products, disclosing pros and cons of different products. This could allow customers to understand more about the products and made a wise decision based on their needs.

If you need more information about opal like plastic (OLP), please contact with Sanwa Team as soon as possible.

2) How does lab-grown synthetic opal different from others man-made opal ?

Lab-grown synthetic opal is the only man-made opal which contains at least 80% silica. They are also the only man-made opal which has unique grown pattern which represent by the vertical fire. For cabochon or sheet products, you can check if there is any columnar shape fire at the side view.

3) Will my lab-grown synthetic opal change over time?

Due to the high percentage of silica, lab-grown synthetic opal quality is the most stable among all man-made opals. The opal color and fire won't change over time. Unlike natural opal which may have dehydration or cracking problem, lab-grown synthetic opal is also easier to preserve over time.

4) Can I use lab-grown synthetic opal for glass design ?

Bello Opal Original collection contains 20% resin, they cannot apply to glass design. If you are looking for glass compatible product, please inquire for "Bello Opal Galaxy Collection".

5) Can I use lab-grown synthetic opal for jewelry plating?

Yes, only reminder is Bello Opal Original collection has a heat resistance at 130 degree C.

6) How to place an order?

Sanwa do not have online shopping platform at this moment. Please kindly send your order through email: [email protected] or use the message form in contact page.

When using the message form, please make sure your email address is correct to avoid any delay in response.

Sanwa sales team will take care of your order within 2 working days. If you could not receive Sanwa's reply within 2 working days, please contact with Sanwa immediately by call: 852-23673205

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