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DIOR, THE MAJESTUEUSE OPAL WATCH , Source: https://www.dior.com/diormag/en_gb/suggest/dior-et-opales

Explore the beauty of natural precious opal

"Opal" originates from the Latin word "Opalus", also named as "Queen of Gems" by the ancient Romans, meaning to gather the essence of every gem into one. The tiny spheres of silica in opal transform into broken colors when hit by light. This unique phenomenon of flashing rainbow colors is known as "play-of-color". The October birthstone symbolizes hope, purity and faithfulness. It is a gift granted by the heaven in bolts of lightning and unfolds the "Nature's fireworks" before one's eyes. "

"It's an invitation to a fairy tale, to magic…It seems to be alive,"
Victoire de Castellane, Creative Director of Dior Joaillerie says.

"Like Monet's Water Lilies, the [opal] possesses every color, as if a genie were living inside it."
(JCK Online, February 3, 2013 by EMILI VESILIND)

Only these flashy gemstones can be regarded as precious opals. They are rare gemstone, but also essentials for classy jewel collections.

Bello Opal, the coalescence of science and craftsmanship

Embodying Japanese craftsman's spirit, Bello Opal material is manufactured by Kyocera (Forbes Top Regarded Company). It takes about a year to grow in highly controlled laboratory environment using advanced technological processes that create the conditions for natural opal formation.

Bello Opal (GIA name: Polymer Impregnated Synthetic Opal), containing at least 80% silica, resembles the beauty of natural precious opal. You will find the brilliance of this impregnated synthetic opal in its vertical fire growing layer by layer across time. This unique feature of vertical growth pattern is what makes lab-grown synthetic opal stand out and exhibits profound beautiful randomness which flashes in various designs.

Bello Opal is a new highlight for fashion trend.

There is a never-ending quest for gemstone's sparkle, especially the enticing precious opal is adopted in many designs by a number of big names. The emergence of Bello Opal has further realized designers' wild imagination and jewel lovers' pursuit of opal beauty at a more affordable cost.

Simulating the "play-of-color" sparkle effect, Bello Opal is even readily available in a variety of 92 different colors, while some are considered very rare in nature, including precious black opal color.

Irreplaceable "Play-of-Color" sparkle

The patterns of Bello Opal fire are unified yet unique, making every stone special. You cannot find such vivid opal fire in any other man-made opal elsewhere. The profound character of Bello Opal is more desirable than any other man-made opals, imitating the iridescence of the natural opal in all its glory.

"Synthetics are fun and fashionable"

Bello Opal (Lab-grown synthetic opal) demonstrates kaleidoscopic play of color in different forms. Cutting method determines fire pattern.


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"Probably only Sanwa can satisfy you in all aspects."
To obtain the best service for your synthetic opal projects, superior material quality, sustainable supply and experienced craftsmanship are indispensable.

Not just beautiful.


Bello Opal is a sustainable lab-grown opal that has minimal environmental impact.


Bello Opal is very similar in physical and chemical properties as natural precious opals while it does not carry the limitation, such as crazing.


Bello Opal offers excellent value for product designs and are more affordable than natural precious opals.

We stand for rigorous standard.

To build a trustable relationship with worldwide customers, Bello Opal is always aligning with the global standard.

Synthetic Opal Identification report

Compliance to the EU regulation

Compliance to the EU regulation

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Bello Opal®
  • "The coalescence of
    science and craftsmanship"
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